We’re Looking Forward to 2013!

2012 has been a crazy year!! With a fast spring, a hot & slow summer, and a fruitful fall, we are ready for a strong winter! This year we have really grown in many areas! We’ve built stronger relationships with our clients and vendors. We are under our first marketing campaign (I know….bad business owner) that consists of us cross-promoting with other small businesses, launching new services, and much more! We are also looking to expand our staff of assistants!

With all of our 2013 goals, we would love to hear more feedback from you! What services can we improve? What would you like to see more of from us? Please email your feedback to kristina@kaydis.com

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It’s Our Anniversary!

I love celebrating wedding anniversaries!! This month KayDi’s will be celebrating the wedding anniversaries of two of our favorite clients. Brandy & Nathan exchanged vows in 2011 on Christmas Eve with their son. This year, the couple welcomed a new baby girl to their family! Tabatha & Sam said “I Do” right before the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve! It’s their first anniversary…how about you? How many years will you be celebrating? How are you celebrating? Here are a few ideas!!!

  • Host a Newlywed Game show! – Invite couples who’ve been married for a variety of years and other family & friends as your studio audience. Have an official host mc the show, maybe one of your mothers or a really funny cousin. Here are some great questions for the evening: http://www.scribd.com/doc/12097662/Newlywed-Game-Questions. While the show is on, offer your audience a cocktail (appropriate aged) and appetizers. And don’t forget to turn on the cameras because you’ll want to watch this episode over and over!
  • Start a New Tradition – Whether you decide to follow the traditional or modern timeline or go off on a limb and stage a sweetheart picnic every year, make it yours, personalize it and make it romantic! Here’s a great anniversary gift chart: http://www.findgift.com/anniversary-table/
  • Famous Couples – Invite your family and friends over to celebrate your love and spirit of fun! Shake it up and encourage them to dress like their favorite celebrity couple! Pres Obama & First Lady Michelle, Brad & Angelina, Mariah & Nick…whoever they decide, let them get creative!! At some point of the night have the couples do a mini scene and act like who they’re dressed like!
  • Plan a Party – Honor your first wedding anniversary with a small party with your closest friends and family. Host a casual evening with dinner and drinks. Include special touches like a mini-wedding cake!

For more ideas, follow our Anniversary Party Pinterest Board!

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Your Own Holiday Party

This time of year, there are many parties and fun to help you get in the Christmas spirit. Most holiday parties you will attend this year are hosted by companies and organizations. This year, why not host your own Christmas gala? Just make sure it’s not too close to Christmas…having a party the week of Christmas will be stressful for you and your guests so try no later than the week before. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing….

  • Host a Santa’s Breakfast Party – This is a great idea for adults and kids with everyone’s favorites…hot cocoa, donuts, cookies and more!
  • Gingerbread House Competition – Grab the necessities for a few ginger bread houses and have your guests bring the extra supplies and get to building!
  • The Ugly Sweater Party – No need for costumes…pull out your ugliest sweaters and get ready for a great party and fun pictures!
  • An Ornament Party – Grab your closest friends and family and make Christmas tree ornaments.
  • Christmas Carol Karaoke Night – Whether it’s classic or rock & roll Christmas songs, keep your guests on their toes ready to croon!!
  • Gift Wrap Party – This is one of my favorites! Purchase a variety of paper wrap, scissors, tape and have your guests bring their gifts and any other extra supplies!

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Christmas Projects for Kids

With cold weather outside and the boredom of watching Disney Channel all evening, your kiddos will be on the edge of their seats in delight of family time! Here are a few things to help the time go by!

  • Volunteer - During this time of year, there are so many ways to give back. Why not start in your kids’ toy chest? Have your kids pull out some toys they no longer play with that are still in good condition. Go through them together and as a family, go to a local shelter and help put a smile on another kids face.
  • Make ornaments - We know kids normally come home with Christmas ornaments from their art class. But how cool would it be to have them make some from home? Check out a few ideas – http://pinterest.com/kaydisevents/diy-christmas-ornaments/
  • Go Play! - Snow is around the corner! Make sure your sleds, rafts, and snow ball battle gear are ready for some fun!!!
  • Decorate Christmas tree - If you haven’t already picked out your Christmas tree, this is the perfect time to get it done! And have the kids help decorate their section of the tree.
  • Decorate house – I’ve never been one to put lights on the house, until this year. My 6-year-old son begged to put up Christmas lights this year and he had a blast helping me outside.
  • Bake - Invite some of your kids’ friends over to bake the night away! Cupcakes, cookies, cake pops…bake ‘em all!

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My 30th Birthday – Volleyball Party

As an Event Coordinator/Planner, everyone thought I was going to throw a big, semi-formal, dinner party. I threw everyone off when I sent them their invitations and asked them whether or not they’d be playing on the court or cheering on the sideline.

Before the party, my husband and I created rosters for everyone who RSVP’ed. We had enough for 3 teams!!! (Yes, I have a large family) My mom went and purchased a referee shirt and kept the players on their toes! We had an awesome half time show to get the kids involved. The little girls had a cheer that one of my aunts helped them make on the spot as the boys ran around the gym throwing out beads and candy to the fans, TJ <tommyjam.com> performed a few songs, and my little brother played “Happy Birthday” on his trumpet!

After the games/tournament, we awarded the teams, crowned the MVP and Ball Hog, then finished with one last OPEN play game for everyone!

DETAILS: We rented a court at *North County Recreation Center, we served everyone *lunch in individual, already made brown bags (turkey/chicken sandwiches with a side of pickles, mustard and mayo, chips, Hawaiian Punch single packets), the *favors were bagged Epsom Salt for the adults to go home and soak in, we provided *bandanas for all the players so they would remember who was on their team, each team had their own *coach (who were the Ref’s big sisters and didn’t mind speaking up on bad calls), and instead of a *guestbook, we had everyone sign my volleyball!

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Kaylen – “Costume Party”

My daughter turned 8 on Election Day and was pretty disappointed that she couldn’t celebrate her special day with her classmates since school would be closed. We thought of the perfect way to include her classmates and her family…a costume party!!! What kid doesn’t want another chance to wear their Halloween costume and what Mom do you know that doesn’t love a good Halloween clearance rack?????

Here was the invitation

Kaylen’s guest were welcomed with a lunch bag of goodies to eat (a sandwich, chips, juice with a mayo packet & napkin). Even though some came in costume, all were welcomed to make their own masks! This was a huge hit with the kids!

We purchased the masks online at Oriental Trading.

After the masks, it was time for more fun with “Guess Who?”! We taped a popular tv/sports/music character or person on each of the kids’ backs so they couldn’t see it and had to guess who was on their back by asking everyone else questions! For the smaller kids, we gave them a little help.

We later played Bingo (we customized all the items on the card to be things Kaylen’s favorite things…. “B-swimming”).  Kaylen had the chance to call out the Bingo words…until she lost the call sheet (NOTE: make a backup sheet).

Kaylen and her guests enjoyed themselves at her Post-Halloween Birthday Bash!!! At the end of the night, she thanked her guests and their parents for coming out and gave everyone a copy of one of her favorite CD’s – TJ’s World! (You can download a copy, too – www.worldwidemixtapes.com/2012/10/lil-tj-tjs-world/) It’s fun and great for car rides!

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Create Your Own Favors

Round up your troops and get to tying! Making your own guest favors adds personal flavor to your event and can save you money. Your favors can also tie in your event colors or theme. And don’t forget about the display, setting up a favor table surrounded by fun decorations can be highlight of your room. Of course, you will spend lots of time on this project but you can make the best of it with your loved ones by making an evening of it.

Here are a few ideas for your favors:

Sweet inside and out!

Fun for a sleepover or another brunch idea…too many guest for personal spoons?…leave off the beads.

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