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A Wedding of a Lifetime

KayDi's Weddings
wedding planner in huntsville

We have you & your details covered!

​When you bring on Kris & her team to your wedding squad, you eliminate repeated thoughts, little worries, misunderstandings, sticker shock, and other anxiety producers. Our bridal brainstorms will allow you to dump all of your concerns, ideas, and thoughts to the table to be worked out!

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You want this day to be romantic, fun, and unique! But how can you provide all those elements AND be one of the two MOST important people of the day?? We know Mom is a huge part of your Wedding Day but do you really want her to work & sweat or enjoy and celebrate with you instead?

You have spent a lot of hours thinking and chasing ideas for this special day, and now it's time to put them to life! Do you have enough time to research the details to create those things? Or do you have the time to sit with multiple vendors for hours just to find the right one for your style, budget, and vision??

You can decide whether you want to do the heavy lifting and then pass us the baton OR we do all the heavy lifting and you just show up and celebrate!
wedding planner in huntsville
wedding planner in huntsville
wedding planner in huntsville
wedding planner in huntsville

"Will we be able to focus on each other?"

We love a good party; however, we love & respect marriage more! Taking time before and during your wedding to focus on each other is critical. Hiring us as your wedding planner allows you more time to make more memories and love stories...while we work out the details and logistics of your day.

Full-Service Wedding Planning & Coordination

Perfect for the Bride who is ready to pass the baton and allow us to do all of the heavy liftings. KayDi's Events' FULL-SERVICE Wedding Planning will enable us to provide you with full royal treatment during this time. You can access everything and the royal sink, including wedding assistants, venue setup, and site visits. In addition, we handle complex roadblocks, time-consuming phone calls, and other exhausting tasks.

Beginning 8-10 months before your wedding day: 

- Pre-wedding consultation

- Budget management

- Vendor research, recommendations & bookings, help contact and book them. 

- Communication & payment management 

- Create ceremony & reception designs (altar, centerpieces, backdrops, etc.) and inspiration boards to ensure your vision is achieved 
- Create a detailed day of timeline management 

- Rehearsal coordination (this includes booking and organizing the rehearsal) 

- Information & details on local upcoming marriage workshops/conferences

- Additional onsite assistant on the day of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly 

- Consultations to discuss all ideas & visions (via in-person, phone, text, FaceTime, Zoom, or email) 

- Vendor coordination/management 

- Transport event items to the site 

- Distribute flowers to the bridal party 

- Coordinate & orchestrate ceremony and reception on the wedding day

- Setup and breakdown areas for the ceremony and reception with decorations provided by the client 

- Transport any lost, found, and/or forgotten Items (left at the venue day of the wedding) 

BONUS** With all complete planning services, KayDi's sponsors our clients to a relationship workshop/seminar in the area or virtually. We believe in helping our couples get married and encouraging them to stay married.

You don't need that much attention??

No problem!! We understand, sometimes a lot of the details may already be locked in and you may be wearing your project management hat!! We have the perfect thing for you!

45 Day Wedding Planning & Coordination

Our Last Minute special is perfect for the Bride & Groom who have to run the marathon and now is ready to pass the baton! With Month of Services, we'll help you gather final details, deadlines, budgets, and more to create the blueprint. We are available to answer your questions and address your concerns and ideas.

45 Days BEFORE your wedding day, we

- Meet to review your details and confirm that we have a plan for everything (over the phone, in-person, Zoom, or FaceTime)

- Gather your vendor information & share your wedding day timeline with each of them

- Conduct your wedding rehearsal (this does not include booking and organizing the rehearsal)
- Coordinate & orchestrate ceremony and reception
- SETUP and BREAKDOWN areas for ceremony and reception with decorations provided by the client are also available

Is everything under control? Just need some extra hands?

We totally understand when Couples have their game plan airtight! So how can we help? Our services allow you to take a big worry off of your plate to execute your vision without being involved on your wedding day.

Hourly Setup & Breakdown

You provide the supplies and the vision and we'll set up your ceremony and reception for your big day! Do you have items being delivered or do you need to pick them up? Are you breaking down the ceremony after you cut the cake? Or after your last guest leaves? Don't worry about it, give us your ideas, vision, supplies, and vendors...we'll make it happen!

The day of your wedding, we provide

- Setup and breakdown your ceremony aisle, altar, guest seating, gift table, memory table, and/or backdrop

- Setup and breakdown your reception guest seating, bridal party seating, centerpieces, cake table, backdrop, kids area, memory table, and/or entryway/foyer


wedding planner in huntsville


We can support cookie-cutter weddings and budgets. However, we specialize in creating an atmosphere of comfort, good vibes, and unforgettable experiences. Everyone's needs and preferences are different; therefore, we share our starting rates to give you an idea of what our rates typically average.

KayDi's Wedding Planning

Full Service Wedding
Planning & Coordination
starts at $3,999

KayDi's Wedding Planning

45 Day Wedding Planning & Day of Coordination
starts at $1,500

Alabama Wedding Planner

Hourly Setup & Breakdown Services

Because weddings are so detailed and involved, we only accept 1-2 weddings each month.

Best Value

Wedding Planning Fun



Every month

Great for Couples Planning Their Own Wedding

Valid for 3 months
+ 1 day free trial

Wedding Planning Challenges

Live Monthly Call with KayDi's Wedding Planner

Marriage Encouragement

Planning Timeline Guides

Kris is AH-MAY-ZING!! We were incredibly blessed to have her as our planner. She listened, she respected my simplistic ideas, and only added her design eye to areas where I asked. Not only did she make sure that our wedding day was amazing, she invested in our marriage before the wedding even got here! We attended our first marriage conference as an engaged couple because of Kris! She truly takes to heart, 'Get Married, Stay Married'. Trust me, you need a planner! Trust me, you want Kris!


wedding planner in huntsville

We are a great fit for each other if you are looking to feel like the most important person in your guest's life for your special day.

-Kris with a Kay

Kris with a Kay
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