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"Breaking the Traditional Baby Shower Norms"

Did you ever attend a baby shower in the 1900's? (Yes, that's what my kids call that now) If so, you lived in the generation of ladies only, playing paper guessing games, measuring bellies with tissue paper, and drinking juice from bottle nipples. Those traditions typically make mom-to-be's go into Pinterest overload, trying to do something different, causing these celebrations to grow extravagantly. Some families completely avoid baby showers altogether due to small families or budgets. At KayDi's Events, we typically get the best of both worlds; believe it or not, we even get moms who've never attended a baby shower. (Those are my FAV!) Our moms and dads want to be celebrated in style and have interactive fun with their loved ones! Here are a few notes & ideas for breaking the traditional baby shower norms:

KayDi's birthday party

Invitations set the tone!! As with any event, your invitation tells your guests the standard info, but the graphics, theme, and colors give your guests the vibe and energy to expect! Traditional is excellent; however, remember most of your guests are excited about the baby...not the shower. So, let's get them excited!

Feel free to revamp an older theme and give it a more

baby shower invitation

unique spin. If you are big into snacks, incorporate those into your music! KayDi's Events offers personalized invitations for our clients and then assists with building an entire theme around it!

Decorations and favors are beautiful but not required.

I bet you didn't see that one coming!! LOL!! Yes, I love to set up and decorate for my clients!! I also loved giving birth to three children, and I recognize that if you put more time into the purpose of the celebration, the more lasting the memories. This means many things! Create one focal point for smaller rooms, and instead of centerpieces, add game supplies to the table. Instead of guest favors (which more than 60% get left on tables), spend it on a keepsake for the baby that everyone can sign or leave a message on. Here's one for you!!! Rent an audio-recording phone and ask your guests to leave an encouraging word for the parents-to-be. When it gets rough, you can press play to smile or get a laugh! KayDi's Event Rentals has the phone AND the phone booth for rent!

Baby shower games are a significant factor! Sometimes, it's hard to get past all of the Etsy & Zazzle printable games because they are so cute! I get it, I promise! Let's step back and look at the whole picture...You plan for 5-6 games, for which each guest needs a copy for each game. You print or get copies made of hundreds of sheets and now need to bring pens for each guest. Once the shower begins, your host passes out these papers to each guest for every game. After each game, your hosts need to go over the papers to see who got the most right or spend time reviewing each line for every game so that your guests can know the correct answer. These factors can bring down a vibe quickly! Maybe 1 paper game if you really have to have one, and the rest can be interactive or story-sharing. One of our popular games with my clients is a Baby Obstacle Race! It gets everyone involved, and for the guests who don't want to interact, watching their family play will still pull them right in!

Invitations, decorations, games, and food are key elements to hosting a memorable baby shower. How you go about the details determines your new normal for your family; keep it unique!!

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