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5 Creative Ways to Gift Our Services to Your Loved Ones or Clients

In 2022-2023, our number one client was spouses! That's right, husbands called to surprise their wives. And wives called to get new ideas to celebrate their husbands. It's the gift that keeps on giving, right?! Whether you are celebrating or being celebrated, our event services can work as the perfect gift! Here's how!!

  1. Host your loved one a surprise party! You know the basics of what they like but don't have time to put on an organized event. Our event planning & management is perfect for you to keep the surprise a surprise! We'll make all of the calls so you don't get caught up and confirm all of the details very discreetly.

  2. Your daughter and her fiance just set their wedding date, and you want to help but not drive the couple or yourself crazy. Our wedding planning service is the perfect gift!! You pay, they continue planning and preparing, you rest, they have professionals working for them, you rest, you all show up & celebrate, the professionals work, you go home, the professionals clean up. What better wedding gift?!

  3. You are a business owner who would like to celebrate the hard work of your team, and you don't want to give them more work to plan an event. Our event services are the perfect gift to your team as we'll do all the work to make reservations, design custom appreciation gifts, and set up for presentations/meals/open houses.

  4. Are you in the real estate market? Imagine the smile you'd put on your client's face with a gift certificate for a free Housewarming Party from you & your company! Yes, we do those, too!!

  5. Lastly, did you know we opened an Event Rental division?! That's right, your gift can be applied to a sparkler send off or even the newest 360 photobooth!

However you decide to give the gift that brings peace of mind, we can customize your gift voucher specifically for you or your loved one! Let's get this party started!

Get your Gift Voucher NOW!

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