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(Do It Yourself)

Read our blog for more ideas about creating a magical experience for you & your guests!

DIY Tools & Resources

Not sure about hiring a planner?

We support all of our clients whether they need full-service planning or just a quick brainstorming session. This list of over 150 North Alabama vendors is what you need to save time on searching (and gas) and also save you money.


Over 8 different categories of HSV resources

We've worked and met so many amazing vendors over the years and as a planner, the lists are a MUST. Now you have full access to KayDi's Event vendors and friends!

Our Digital Workbook, "No More Cookie Cutter Events" will help your next event be an experience guests will NEVER forget! You will not just learn about party planning, but you'll also learn (or re-learn) more about YOU, too! This workbook is perfect for special occasions over and over again.

No More Cookie Cutter Events Workbook
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