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"Empowering Female Relationships: Highlights from the Surviving Sisterhood Summit"

Birthday Invitation Designed by KayDi's

Networking in your community serves so many benefits for not just your business relationships but personal connections also. The idea of Surviving Sisterhood Summit started at a local networking event in Huntsville the year prior. Jeannette & Courtney approached KayDi's Events to help them get this experience off the ground. After months of planning, booking speakers, gathering sponsors, and planning the agenda, the first annual summit was a success!

The Summit was a ONE day event filled with inspirational stories and speakers, business owners with interactive workshops, group activities, a book swap, delicious brunch with mimosas, and much sisterhood building.

The Summit was such a hit, that the ladies are hosting their second one this summer. Please check it out and join the fun! Tickets here.

Vendors: Venue - Redstone Arsenal | Catering – Rich Foods | Setup/Planning - KayDi's Events

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