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Unforgettable Company Events 

Gala Event Planning
Company Event Planning KayDi's Events
Barsala Company Event Planning
party in huntsville
Our company event planning services provide a comprehensive solution to make your next event successful. Our team uses technical and professionally honed managing skills to ensure everything is perfectly coordinated, whether vendor management or handling volunteers. We’ll make sure you can enjoy your event with minimum to zero worries.

"I want to host an event for my brand but not sure where to start."

KayDi's Event Planning & Services provides a full range of event planning services and can help you get started with vendor selection, theme development, attendee management, budget planning, and more.    
We can help you develop a unique and memorable theme for your event that will set the tone and create the right atmosphere. We will work closely with you to ensure your theme is reflected in every aspect of your event.

Event Consultation, Planning & Decorations Services

Grand Opening

Appreciation Day



We can provide as much or as little hands-on support as you prefer. Let's look at your previous events and 'grow' from there. Or let's look at your notes and ideas for the upcoming event you're about to host for the first time!

- Planning, design, consultation, and day-of management

- Vendor research for a venue, caterer, music, and others
- Event design, floor layout, and decoration assistance
- Event breakdown and decoration removal
- Digitally designed invitation
- Guest/attendee management - registration, communication, etc
- Signature event decoration concepts
- On-site Event Assistant

Album Release

Company Picnic


Local Pop Up





Grand Opening Assistance

A Few Ah-Mazing Clients

"Everyone has been gushing about the decor and food and bartenders!"

Daniela P, ex Advocacy & Marketing Manager, HAAR


Every client's needs and preferences are different, therefore we share our starting rates to give you an idea of what our rates feel like to you.

Summit Attendee Bags

starts at $500

Company Expo

start at $1000

alabama birthday party

Gala/Signature Event
starts at $3500

If you host multiple events throughout the year, consider booking our services in one bundle package to help save you money and allow us more time to learn about your brand!

We have you & your details covered!

​When you bring on KayDi's Events to your celebration, you are eliminating repeated thoughts, little worries, misunderstandings, sticker shock, and other anxiety producers. Our consultations will allow you to dump all of your concerns, ideas, and thoughts to the table to be worked out!

We are a great fit for your company if you need more detail in the celebration of your brand and team!

Kris with a Kay

-Kris with a Kay

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