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Behind the Scenes: Insight from An Event Planner Answering 4 Burning Questions

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Our clients and their questions can vary with the various events we assist with! Most times, when one person has a question, another one is thinking about it and just hasn't asked. We've gathered the top 4 questions our potential and active clients have asked over the years and put them all in one location! Check out a little insight from an event planner!

Burning questions for event planner

  1. Why aren't decorations automatically provided with your services? The passion behind KayDi's Events is that we love designing new experiences and creating safe spaces for our clients to be vulnerable and share their vision. Every client's style, unique vision, preference, energy, and budget are unique. This means it's nearly impossible to keep a warehouse of all things loved by our clients and keep up with the trends based on the forecast of what they will like or spend. We offer a limited selection of standard inventory for clients who need to rent everyday items such as plate chargers and vases. But for those creative elements, we'll create them from scratch, budget out the list, or assist you with finding all of the items to help create and execute your vision!

  2. My mom does planning & decorating, and she will handle everything. Why would I need to hire you? Whether it be your birthday, wedding, or even a baby shower...Mom deserves to be Mom and partake in the celebrating and time well spent with you. When your loved ones are flooded with tasks, projects, and errands, it takes away from those sweet, intimate opportunities to make the months leading up to your big day filled with peace & harmony. Then let's not mention the day of!! Who's coordinating all of your hard work?! Someone needs to be at your venue when your vendors and guests begin to arrive...and Mom's got to get dressed at some point, right? Hiring KayDi's Events allows you & your loved ones to be guests at your celebration. Book a consultation today and learn more ways we can help Mom be Mom!

  3. Why do you need to know my budget? Service providers don't ask about your budget to try to get over. Instead, we honestly need your budget to see how to help you best. When you give us your budget, we can tell you precisely what and how much we can provide for you.

  4. My budget is tight. Can you go lower on your proposal? YES!! We can adjust the services provided to accommodate your budget. However, we will not lower our rates. This means fewer services and visually economical supplies will be provided for a lower invoice cost. We work with all budgets and event needs. Also, for those who hire us as full-service planners, we help save over 10% of our clients' expected budget. (They typically spend it on something else they wanted that they thought they couldn't afford!)


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