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Hiring & Building Your A-Squad

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Planning a special event can be such a fun time! Gathering ideas, samples, free tastings, viewing new sites, and creating special touches that

your guests will never forget, makes the experience motivating. Along with your own time and efforts, you’ll probably be hiring help for the things you cannot do. And you have to realize you won’t be able to do everything, whether it’s a time, skill, or creative restraint. You may be a great photographer, but you won’t be able to take pictures and host the party simultaneously. So most likely, you’ll end up hiring a photographer, caterer, or coordinator.

Finding the perfect vendor should be based on many key factors and not just one. For example, you shouldn’t look for the cheapest DJ in your area. The cheapest DJ may come with the cheapest equipment that only fills the front half of a crowded room with music,

leaving the back of the room to wonder what you are dancing to. You may not want to start your baker hunt with the focus being those with the best designs and styles; you may be disappointed with the taste. You want to have a combination of factors, such as experience, cost, skill, availability, and flexibility, that puts them in the running to be hired.

You will often be blessed with the perfect vendor for what you need. To be sure you are hiring the right person for the job, it’s also important to look for a personality match. Not every vendor you meet will be the perfect match for you. Their services offered my look well and incredible portfolio, but if they are a hyperactive, energetic, fast-paced photographer and you are a nonchalant, laid-back, one-thing-at-a-time kind of client, the two of you may not be a great fit.

Be sure to lock in a few expos in your area. Bridal Expos are a quick way to find your vendors no matter your hosting event. So do your homework, have various options, and use your instinct before telling them the magic words, “You’re Hired.”

If you are in North Alabama and need help with your A-Squad, check out our Event Vendors Cheat Sheet!

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