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"Is It Time to Rethink Party Favors?"

In 2023, the number one item we cleaned up after events was party favors! For years, American party favors have been a complete waste of money. If you are over 35, you've seen bottle openers & stoppers, personalized wine glasses, candles, keychains, and candy waiting on you at your seat. Or you've walked past a table full of them. Why? What's the purpose of a party favor in the first place? To make a long story short, guest favors were given to loved ones to spread joy and luck. The joy came from receiving gifts that were considered lavish or treasured keepsakes. As with most things, over time this tradition has evolved into a to-do on a checklist; not much thought or treasure to keep. Party favors have replaced thank-you notes. bomb drop (that's a whole other post) Most hosts/esses feel an obligation to provide guest favors to show their appreciation for attending their event. I'm here to free you from that obligation, lean in closer...You have spent hours and money on food, drinks, & entertainment...this is showing your appreciation. Now, if you want to give more, that's cool!!!

Here are a few ideas on rethinking party favors so you're not sending your vendors home with gifts your guests left behind:

  • The idea: Edible guest favors are the longest-standing successfully received gifts (sugar-coated almonds, candy buffets/bags, etc). The waste: Most edibles are sweets but all of your guests don't eat sweets. Therefore, you do not need a gift for everyone on your guest list. Instead of 150 personalized cookies, order 100 and sit them out on a dessert table or create a cute look for them to be included at your guest tables. Don't over do it.

Dessert Table setup by KayDi's Events
  • The idea: Physical or digital photos and videos are a big hit with guests. You can make your event program a full photo on one side. Photos from photobooth are lots of fun for loved ones to add to scrapbooks or fridges! The waste: Not making your guests aware the photo booth is open. Be sure your MC/DJ encourages your guests to go and take those photo & video opportunities!

  • The idea: Something guests will carry on them or use at home. Left side: keychains, pens, bottle openers, matches...Right side: Brand name electronic devices, jewelry, umbrellas... As a Hostess, you will spend a lot of money on the Right side, versus the Left side, where you'll spend very little money. Which of the two sides do you think your guests will leave behind? Which of the two sides do you think your guests will most treasure? The waste: Depending on the type of event, expensive party favors may be appropriate. However, for most social events, these favors may come off as wastefully extravagant. On the flip side (left), inexpensive trinkets may not be appropriate for specific events either.

Overall, remember the following when deciding on party favors: the celebration, budget, and your guest list. (Keep in mind the What, How, & Who, and watch your guests take each one home!) If you need an extra ear to help you decide, please book a complimentary consultation; we would love to help! Happy Planning!!

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