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"Finding Joy Amidst Adversity: A Celebration Party for a Client's Diagnosis"

Updated: Mar 6

During our initial consultation, I knew I would love working with Miss Summer! Her voice, energy, and spirit resonated with us, and she quickly became family. Miss Summer had been diagnosed with cancer months before calling us and was beginning to become discouraged. Before her health took a further decline, she decided that she wanted to have a big celebration with her loved ones. The biggest issue was putting it together and making it make sense. She'd mentioned this 'Life Celebration' to her friends but they felt it was a little morbid so a special someone recommended for her to call Kris to help!

After learning about Miss Summer's health and journey, we created a theme to remove the morbid energy. We decided on 'A Gala of Gratitude'! For this gala, there was no Pinterest board, blueprint, or TikTok to get us started. This would be another KayDi's Events Signature experience and we were so excited to be a part of it!

Miss Summer lined up the entertainment, and we handled the rest! The evening began with a dear friend singing the Lord's opera!! She was followed by African drums welcoming the guest of honor into the room escorted by her son! The room was instantly filled with joy!

Food was served, the bar was open and music continued to fill the room. There was so much talent and spirit in the room that we went from rocking to praising, then sliding, back to rocking! And if the entertainment wasn't enough, loved ones came to speak a word of encouragement. A long-distance friend surprised her with a live FaceTime from Las Vegas on the big screen! And a full praise break led to a room of praying loved ones!! It was hard wrapping up such an event! But what an experience to wrap up!

Vendors: Venue - Stone Event Center | Catering – Bubba's Silver Spoon | Live Band – Darien Omar & The Situation | African Drummer - Zam Zam | Planning/Overnight Accomodations/Setup/Decoration/Hosting - KayDi's Events | Balloons - Keysa's Kreations | Vocalists - Regina Falker-Hiteman, Andravvy Mayes | DJ - DJ Cam | Photographer - Johnnie Clark

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