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Have a Ladies Night Out!

If you thought this article would be about a night out with you and your girlfriends….sorry, maybe next time! This kind of ladies' night out is for your little ones. We encourage our little girls to be ladies all of the time; why not celebrate their birthdays with that lesson in mind? This year (or next), throw your daughter a birthday party she’ll never forget. Her “Ladies' Night Out” could be a sleepover with her 4-6 of her closest family and/or friends.

  • Or have her friends come over for a “Makeup” party.

  • Or (one of my favorites) a “Spa Party” where the girls are pampered with a pedicure and facial!

You can have these themed parties with a very tight or extremely large budget. Whichever you can afford, there are many ways to host an evening of fun! Here are a few ideas:

• Ask a few mothers to help you during the evening to pamper the girls. How many ‘services’ you will offer depends on how many volunteers you will need. (Ex: pedicure massage, painting toenails, painting fingernails, hairstyling, etc.) Or bribe your older daughters or nieces to help out!

• Greet each guest with a ‘welcome gift bag’ that includes all of the essential things they will need for the evening. (Ex: hairbrush and comb, lotion (trial size, of course), makeup brush, etc.) Tell the girls to keep up with their bags, as they’ll need them to get pampered. (Bonus Tip: Treat them like they are in the Nail Salon and have different colors of nail polish they can select from when they first come in and allow them to keep it and take it home after the party’s over!)

KayDi’s Events offers planning and decoration for Girl’s Birthdays and more. We understand that sometimes you don’t have enough time in your day to make plans as you’d like. That’s why we are here! From whatever you need: planning, errands, setup, assembling goodie bags, and other tasks that you may need an extra hand for.

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