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Do We Really Need a Wedding Rehearsal?

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

A wedding rehearsal is scheduled, so everyone in your

bridal party knows the game plan and how to implement executions! Rehearsals should last no more than 1.5 hours; if someone runs late, there’s no harm in starting without them (fill them in once they arrive). Typically, the officiant will take control of the rehearsal so everyone knows what to expect and understands their roles. Your wedding coordinator will collaborate with the officiant to ensure all the couple’s desires are fulfilled in his plans. The coordinator will also place your bridal party where they should be, how they should line up, and queue them at their entrance and exit.

To limit distractions, don’t invite your entire family to the rehearsal. Limit your wedding eve guests to only those who will participate in the ceremony (including select vendors: photographers, musicians, etc).

Make sure there is an easy flow and comfortable environment. Don’t turn into a bridezilla if things aren’t going how you’d like. Include your fiancé in getting everyone focused and on track. If you’ve had a tight rein on your wedding planning, your wedding rehearsal is the day it’s time to trust your coordinator completely. Allow them to do what you hired them for and take control of you. Enjoy yourself, your groom, and your loved ones!

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