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"A Touch of South Peru" Wedding

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

After Darryl popped the question, Gaby called us immediately in the summertime. Ready to get things moving along, she had already booked Sqwires Annex for her reception and Temple Fellowship for the ceremony. After reading a few bridal books and watching a few bridal shows, she began to develop her vision, choosing Pink & Silver as her colors and 100% traditional as her style. Gaby, from South Peru, wanted to include a few South American traditions. After doing our research, we discovered that there are many South American ceremony traditions, such as the Coin and Lazo ceremonies. Gaby decided she would love to perform the Lazo ceremony and put a special touch on it by having her mother make it! Gaby & Darryl’s ceremony was beautiful! At the reception, DJ Renee had the crowd on their feet the whole night with a special tribute to the YMCA by some of Darryl's close friends. Sqwires had great food and service. The night was amazing! We were really proud to be a part of such a special celebration!

Vendors: Photography – Footsteps Photography & Lizzie B Designs, Inc. | Catering – Sqwires | Cake – Victoria Bakes a Cake | DJ – Renee Vences

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