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Get Married. Stay Married.

Yes, weddings are fun and take up so much time & energy!! We understand that it's easy to put important things on the back burner and sometimes we need a little help with readjusting all that life has to throw our way. Here are a few upcoming workshops and seminars coming in the North Alabama area.

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Rome, GA

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Various Cities

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Keeping The Promise Marriage Retreat 2024 - Experience the allure of a Black & Gold Gala, where timeless elegance meets enduring love in an evening of glamour and sophistication. Dress in your most stylish black and gold attire for a night of golden moments and lasting memories.

“Love Therapy” Couples Retreat 2024 - A rejuvenating experience at the Marriott (Space & Rocket Center) in beautiful Huntsville, AL, USA. This in-person event is designed to strengthen your relationship and ignite your spark of love. Immerse yourself in interactive workshops and the intimate date night experience. Our speakers all have 25+ years of relationship commitment and are prepared to turn your spark into a blazing flame!

Michael Jr.'s Funny How Marriage Works Tour - Get ready for a night of laughs for you and your significant other. This is a chance to laugh and be inspired as a couple! This is also a GREAT experience for someone thinking about getting married or dating to get married someday. Michael's shows sell out across the country so don't wait! Get your tickets now!

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