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What Do Event & Wedding Planners Do?

Are you planning a wedding of your dreams but don't have quite the time to bring your vision to life? Do you have ideas for a birthday party but don't know how to pull everything together? KayDi's Event Planning specializes in helping bring ideas and visions to life. Whether your event will be held in a beautiful garden or a loved one's backyard, we can help you put everything together taking the stress and frustration off of your shoulders.

Why hire us as your event coordinator? We can help you with all your planning needs:

Consultation – Maybe you saw a style or a look at a party and you want to incorporate it with your party but you are not sure how it would work for you. We can piece together different images, colors, and textures to get the perfect vision that you are looking for.

Location, Location, Location – Haven't the slightest idea where to exchange your vows or where you can have a quiet intimate cocktail party? KayDi's Events has a large database of beautiful venues. We will help you narrow down your options to two locations and even visit them with you.

Design & Layout – Not sure how tall your centerpieces should be? Or which color flowers will match your room décor? We will help you with deciding on choices for your event decorations. We will even create a custom design for your selected venue.

Personal Style – Are you afraid that vendors may not like your ideas so they may force their own style on you? You don't have to worry about us forcing styles or ideas on you that you don't like. We specialize and turning your favorites, your thoughts and your style into your event!

Discounts – Do you like cutting corners and saving money? KayDi's Events has a large network of vendors; these relationships have been established to help you save money. We also will negotiate prices and services with vendors outside of our network.

Budget – Not enough time to look for the best prices? We can research pricing for you to make sure you get the best price. We'll keep your event within your set budget.

Ultimately, we are available to service you for your event on a variety of levels based on your needs. Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn specifically how we can help you.

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