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Leave It Up to Us!!!

You've made all the arrangements, sent invites, and now you're ready

to get married! Now call us, and we can help you set up your ceremony and/or reception so you won't have to worry about running around on your big day. We offer setup services just for you! Our setup services can save you time, money, and frustration.

Plan on doing everything by yourself?

Take a moment and visually map out your wedding day…

You’ll wake up bright and early to load up your car with centerpieces, linen, place cards, menu cards, and candles, then pick up the flowers from the florist, go and grab the guest favors from your maid of honor, then head to your reception venue to start setting up.

After those 2 long hours, you now have to set up your reception for 125 guests with the help of your friend. 3 hours later, you are now late for your hair appointment and still not finished with the setup. So you leave your friend to finish up the setup by herself and head to the beauty salon.

The wedding begins an hour late, and when you finally reach the reception, your guests are helping your friend finish setting up what was left to be completed!

A nightmare, right?!?!? We understand that “for some reason,” you didn’t want to or couldn’t hire a wedding coordinator, but you can still hire help. KayDi’s Events will meet with you and gather all of your ideas, plans, and vision. We’ll visit your booked venue, map out a floor layout plan, and make sure that we have a solid understanding of what you want with all of your selected supplies and decorations. This way, you can rest assured that your vision and expectations are beautifully executed!

This service is not only for weddings; we offer it for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding ceremonies, reunions, and much more! Contact us today!

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