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Gratitude for Your Thanksgiving Host

Are you not cooking dinner this year for Thanksgiving? It's okay if you are not the chef in the family or didn't have the time and energy to plan dinner this year. However, you must show your appreciation to the hostess wherever you eat Thanksgiving dinner! There are many ways to show your gratitude. Try one or more of these tokens of appreciation!

helping the chef
  • Offer to help prepare something, whether slicing bread, cutting onions, or setting the dinner table. We are positive your loved one will appreciate the assistance.

  • Offer a token of appreciation. Gift baskets are the perfect gift for your Thanksgiving host/ess! Even a framed family photo with them in it will make them smile.

  • Treat the host/ess to a pedicure on Black Friday! After cooking for hours, we're sure they'll need and want the break!

help set the thanksgiving table
  • Offer to babysit while they are preparing dinner! Nothing helps more than a temporary absence of toddlers asking if it is time to eat every hour before you begin cooking!

  • Help with the cleanup and breakdown! Even if they have a dishwasher, much other work must be done after dinner. Trash is always a constant chore that needs to be done throughout the entire time of having guests. Clearing tables and the floor can be a headache after a houseful, especially when doing it alone.

However you decide to add gratitude to your chef this Thanksgiving, remember to do it in love.

offer help to host

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