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"A Rapper's Delight" Birthday Party

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

In honor of Dee's birthday this week, let's take a lap down memory lane to his big 30th birthday bash! The birthday boy wanted a semi-surprise party! (He knew he was having a party but had no idea about the details.) Knowing that Dee loves music (especially rap and hip hip), we created an Old School Hip Hop theme, “A Rapper’s Delight”! The perfect fit for a 30th birthday! Our first thoughts were to have different 80’s ideas, props, costumes, decorations, and more. We instantly knew we wanted to add his face to the 80’s scene. So here is what we came up with (thanks to a dear friend of ours whose wedding we coordinated last year):

We knew we wanted a DJ to only play music from the ’80s to early ’90s, so we hired DJ Phil Good. Of course, there had to be live entertainment to remind guests how they used to break down a dance floor, so we hired Teen Swag USA to perform a dance routine. No birthday is a big celebration without a surprise video, right??!!? A very close friend interviewed Dee for a 'documentary about turning 30 months before his party. It was definitely a surprise for everyone! Prizes were awarded to the best dressed and best break dancer!!! With the birthday boy’s face plastered everywhere on posters around the room

(along with pictures of 80’s tv shows and music artists) and a custom-made balloon gold chain link, the party was a hit!!!!

(Photography by Phillips Studio)

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