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We help those who love to party!

We are the team that helps bring your event vision to life! We DECORATE, PLAN, REFER VENDORS, COORDINATE, and CREATE EXPERIENCES for you and your guests!

KayDi's Event Rentals
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So, Let's Party!

Services Provided in the Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee

No work for YOU on YOUR day! Just show up!

Who wants to work and worry ON or before their big day?!? Let us help you keep living your best life!

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What Type of Party Host Are You?!?

Type: Organized

Events Hosted: 75

Help Required: Very Little

Characteristics: The Handler has handled every detail with timelines, budgets, and vendors; there are two backup plans locked in position; the brain behind the CEO needs a little support on event day.

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We work well with ALL hosts!

We offer a range of event services from consulting, planning, design, setup, hospitality, hosting, and much more!

Toast with KayDi's
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