1980′s Throwback Party

Lately, the party trend has been to have some type of retro theme. Whether it’s a House Party, Way Back, Disco, or Throwback Party, you are probably attending at least one a year.  I threw my husband a Rapper’s Delight 80′s themed party last year and it was a hit. Inviting your guests to dress the part is only half of the fun!! Here are a few other ideas to make an 80′s Throwback Party a hit.

Whether you hire a DJ or rock your iPod, 80′s music all night is a must!!

Decade Desserts are always fun! Having a few candies from that decade will accent your dessert table!

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Classic Wedding Photos

In honor of 80′s week, we asked a close friend of ours to stop by and grace us with her memories of the decade’s trends in the photography world. Raquita Henderson with Pinxit Photography is our blog guest today. Check it out!

KayDi’s Events: What’s your favorite, classic wedding pose?
Raquita: My favorite classic pose is actually a bride at the altar. I still shoot it because I do love it. There is something timeless about a girl at an altar for me. I adore the calm on her face (as it is usually shot right after the wedding before all the fun of family formals so the stress is gone) it’s like the moment she knows shes married. It always makes me happy.

KayDi’s Events: What’s the oldest traditional wedding pose?
Raquita: Probably the bride and groom on the alter. EVERY WEDDING circa 1980 had the traditional pose at the alter shot. 

KayDi’s Events: What were other popular wedding poses in the 80′s (or 90′s)?
Raquita: There were a string of soap opera weddings that I recall playing havoc on the weddings I saw in the 80′s and 90′s. There were equal doses of Luke and Laura & Bo and Hope with a dash of choice of any one of Victor and Nikki’s weddings. I remember when Jessie and Angie had the big wedding and made black weddings step their game up. Have I mentioned how much I miss soap operas’ effects on weddings?  And I watched soaps with my Granny so DON’T JUDGE ME! =0)

KayDi’s Events: What makes a pose/shot last a lifetime? …keeps it’s passion or romance decades later?
Raquita: That it HAS passion and romance. Personally, the images I remember from all of my weddings are the genuine smiles and laughter, the real stolen kisses that are caught while people are not thinking about shot lists and they take a moment for themselves. The posed stuff is nice, it really is, but its the moments that happen in between that really make the biggest difference.

Isn’t she a blast??? Thanks, Raquita!! You can find out more about Raquita and her work on Facebook!

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1980′s Wedding Trends

In honor of my upcoming 30th birthday, I thought it would be nice to stroll down memory lane for a week. Today, we’re walking down the 80′s wedding aisle to checkout wedding trends, and styles!

The 80′s bride loved LOTS of lace, puffy sleeves, covered necks, and big veils!

Headpieces for bridesmaids was extremely popular

Baby’s Breath was another popular trend

Wedding cakes were traditionally tiered by pillar columns.

Balloons were a commonly used to decorate receptions!

In my circle of family & friends, home (or garden) weddings were very common.

Did we leave out any trends?

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Throwback Trends

I love being an 80′s baby! That’s why this week we are going to jump back into the 1980′s special events and explore the styles, trends and more from that decade. We have a great guest interviewing with us and much, much more!!! Stay posted!!!

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Summer Hawaiian Luau

Do you have a special celebration coming up this summer? A great way to beat the heat is to embrace it! Why not have a Hawaiian Luau for your birthday? It’s also a great way of saying aloha to a college bound student.

Ideas for a fun Luau!!!

~ Greet your guests with leis and grass skirts
~ Hire performers! St. Louis has the Hawaiian-Polynesian Revue that perform many Hawaiian dances such as Fire/Knife dances, Samoan, Tahitian and Maori native dances. They offer performances with live music, too!
~ Have creative Hawaiian centerpieces with leis, exotic flowers or pineapples

Visit us on Pintrest to see more fun Hawaiian trends.

Aloha Grad!!

Hire Live Entertainment

Centerpieces Really Set the Tone!

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Keep Your Cool!

This summer has been full of hot days and cool showers. What’s a bride and groom to do in weather like this? Your dress will probably make you 5° warmer and his 5 piece tuxedo will do just about the same. Whether you are having an outdoor ceremony or simply taking pictures outside, keeping cool is important. Here are a few tips for you both to beat the heat and stay focused on each other, not the sun!

  • Stay in a heavily air conditioned room until the last possible second for outdoor ceremonies or wedding pictures.
  • If you are having an outdoor ceremony, consider an evening wedding. Once the sun sets, candles or lanterns can be a beautiful scene for you to walk down the aisle. A morning wedding is also a great alternative to beat the heat.
  • Drink a tall glass of ice cold water just before going outside (with a straw so you don’t mess up your lipstick) to cool down your body as much as possible. (Your groom may want to tuck away an Emergency Water Pouch in his pocket…or make sure your coordinator has one in their ER Kit.)

  • Brides:
  • Stay cool and have fun wedding shots with beautiful fans or parasols.
  • Avoid liquid makeup; try powder and waterproof makeup, and don’t forget a primer to help everything stay put.
  • Make sure your coordinator has a bottle of Evian Spray. (It helps to rehydrate your skin)
  • Know your hair! If your hair doesn’t take well to hair sprays and spritz, consider a tight up-do that won’t have room to fall or frizz.

Parasols are a 2-in-1: keeps you cool and makes a great photo opp!


  • Choose a tuxedo that is temperature appropriate (cotton and linen are ideal).
  • Consider wearing a sweat-wicking t-shirt under your tux (UnderArmour Heatgear makes a few popular ones)
  • Don’t forget your handkerchief to wipe your face.
  • Have an extra shirt available for backup.
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Hot Wedding Shots in the Heat!

Photography by: Artistic Soup

With the past heatwave in St. Louis and the remaining hot summer days, love can’t wait for fall! We thought it may helpful to share a few tips to help make your wedding photos look ‘hot’ without making you look like you are hot. We asked our friend Angela Lamb, owner of Artistic Soup, a few questions to help with summer wedding shots!

KayDi’s Events: On really hot days, how do you keep a dry face (No sweat, glisten or shine) for pictures?
Angela: On really hot days, I recommend the bride and groom each bring a cloth to lightly pat,not rub the sweat away. Shine removal blotting cloths are also helpful to carrying around in your emergency kit [which KayDi's Events does provide] as well as for the ladies light loose powder.

KayDi’s Events: How do you avoid squinting your eyes while the sun is beaming outside?
Angela: If possible, especially for those that have lighter colored eyes that tend to have a bigger challenge with squinting when it is sunny it is best to find a shaded area when the sun is directly above. If this is not possible, having the wedding couple periodically close their eyes to rest them helps the couple not squint when it is time to photograph them.

KayDi’s Events: Any additional tips on how to get great outdoor shots when it’s hot out?
Angela: Most wedding couples who are married in the summer even when the temperatures exceed 90 degrees want at least a few outdoor photos so we advise to: 1) Plan ahead and decide beforehand the must have outdoor shots to keep them quick or 2) Do them near a place where people can go inside periodically to get away from the heat and refresh. 3) Drink cold water before and after to stay hydrated. 4) Try to schedule the outdoor portion of the photos during the coolest times of the day. 5) Stay in the shade if possible. Also, above 90° it is advisable to schedule in advance, have an indoor Plan B to take photos especially if kids and elderly are involved.

Angela offered some really great advice! We hope it helps you to stay cool and calm this summer!

Join us tomorrow for more tips on staying cool on your wedding day this summer.

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