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It's Time for Back to School

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Summer's over, and it's almost time to have a clean house again!!! My house is REALLY looking forward to school starting...the clutter, shoes, clothes, dishes, swimsuits...ooohhhh, please hurry!!

What is the best way to celebrate the kids going back to class???... A BACK-TO-SCHOOL BASH!! Invite your friends and family over for ice cream and cake to get them rallied up for their new school year! Have each parent bring one school supply item for each kid who you’ve invited (6 packs of pencils, 6 notebooks, etc.), and when everyone arrives, divide everything up into book bags so that all the kids can go home with school supplies as gift favors!

Have the older children prepare the younger kids about what to expect. Don’t underestimate the knowledge and experience a 3rd grader can pass on to a kindergartener! Get their listening skills back to par by playing a few rounds of Simon Says! Have each child share the best part of their summer break and what they look forward to this school year!

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