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No More Cookie Cutter Events

Welcome to the Experience (No More Cookie Cutter Events)

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Hey now, whatcha say now?! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the vibes! I'm Kris with a Kay (from St. Louis, MO byway of Huntsville, AL) and I love to create experiences for those around me!

I'm an 80's baby who grew up hosting Barbie fashion shows and weddings with my Aunts!

I'm always planning something, going in and out of Mad Scientist Mode, encouraging an entrepreneur, or helping my clients. Because I love to create things, I figured I'd share some event ideas that help people step away from traditional or expected events. I'm not a fan of cookie cutter experiences. For example, my family thinks I'm crazy because I've never been to Jamaica and I don't really want to go because I feel as though I've experienced it enough through others. So many events, especially weddings have become the same...cookie cutters. Whether you hired us or another event planner, I hope you can find a little relief, comfort and good energy here to help make your next event a hell of an experience!

My Creativity is My Magic

Stay connected with me, grow with me and feel free to collaborate with me too!! Leave a comment and subscribe for notifications for new posts!

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