First Dance

The ‘First Dance’ is an American & European wedding highlight that has been a tradition in wedding receptions for centuries. Originally, the waltz was the most popular dance to perform, however, over the years; many other dances have been introduced and added to this tradition. Today’s couple wants their first dance to reflect their personalities and at the same time display their passion for each other.

We did a little homework and studied a few dances and made a “First Dance Match Chart”. Which style dance will you and your groom perform for your first dance?

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Unexpected Plans

Everyone always wants a smooth and flawless special day for their big event. But what happens when the unexpected happens? 

One of my clients recently was involved in a car accident less than two weeks before his wedding day. The blessing was that the groom was okay, however with a broken femur and elbow; there was no way was going to walk down the aisle, unless it was in a wheelchair. So our ’14 day countdown list’ instantly turned to the ‘postpone phone call list’.

Here are a few pointers to help if you (or a loved one) should ever need to cancel or postpone a special event:

  • Call your coordinator first, she/he will be able to get on top of things ASAP and will be able to save you a lot of time, stress and phone calls.
  • Before getting off of the phone with your coordinator, synchronize a list of those who need to be called (help each other make sure that no vendor goes uncalled).
  • If time is a factor – Gather your listing of phone numbers for your family and friends
  • If you are calling off a wedding, it’s important to know who makes phone calls and this depends on why your wedding has been called off. Scenario ASomething unexpectantly happened and the wedding has been postponed (car accident, fell ill, etc.) – you can give this task to your parents, maid of honor or maybe even your wedding planner. Scenario BYou and your fiancé have decided not to get married – you are responsible for calling your family and friends and your fiancé is responsible for calling his (be sure not discuss personal issues or communicate any negative feelings toward each other).
  • If you have enough time (at least 3 months before the event was scheduled) – A formal note/letter mailed to each invited guest is appropriate.
  • If you did not hire a coordinator/planner: pull out every contract and read their cancellation policy then call vendor that you booked. Most vendors will work with you if you plan to reschedule your event but if you are planning on completely cancelling, you will most likely take a big lost financially. So be prepared.
  • Many clients don’t know about the option of transferring services. For those vendors who are not flexible or have a harsh cancellation policy, they may transfer their services to another client. (You could donate your vendors’ services to a loved for their upcoming special day.)
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Ladies Night Out!

 If you thought this would be about a night out with you and your girlfriends….sorry, maybe next time! This kind of ladies night out is for your little ones. We encourage our little girls to be ladies all of the time, why not celebrate their birthdays with that lesson in mind? This year (or next year) throw your daughter a birthday party she’ll never forget. Her “Ladies Night Out” could be a sleepover with her 4-6 of her closest family and/or friends. Or have her friends come over for a “Make Up” party. Or (one of my favorites) a “Spa Party” where the girls are pampered with a pedicure and facial!
You can have these themed parties with a very tight budget or an extremely large budget. Whichever you can afford, there are many ways to host an evening of fun! Here are a few ideas:
• Ask a few mothers to help you during the evening to pamper the girls. Depending on how many ‘services’ you will offer is how many volunteers you will need. (Ex: pedicure massage, painting toenails, painting fingernails, hairstyling, etc.) Or bribe your older daughters or nieces to help out.

• Greet each guest with a ‘welcome gift bag’ that includes all of the essential things they will need for the evening. (Ex: hairbrush and comb, lotion (trial size of course), makeup brush, etc.) Tell the girls to keep up with their bags as they’ll need them to get pampered. (Bonus Tip: Treat them like they are in the Nail Salon and have different colors of nail polish they can select from when they first come in and allow them to keep it and take home after the party’s over!)

KayDi’s Event Planning & Services offers a few of these Girl’s Birthday Packages and a few more. We understand that sometimes you just don’t have enough time in your day to make plans as you’d like, that’s why we are here! From whatever you need: planning, errands, setup, assembling goodie bags, and other tasks that you may need an extra hand for.
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Album Release Party

Whether you are new to the music industry or a veteran, an album release party could really help promote your talents! Why not endorse your new album or single with an Album Release Party???? There are several different ways to throw this soirée: you can have an intimate setting with your close family & friends in your backyard. Throw some food on the grill and serve some drinks while your guests are entertained by your music! Or you can rent out a venue (maybe a hall, restaurant, or lounge) and open the doors to the public. Of course, you will have to publicize and market so you will have a nice size crowd attend. If your budget is tight, ask another local artist to go in with you. Set a date, create marketing materials, buy some radio airtime to promote and have your cd pressed and ready to sale for your new fans! To attract more people, have some kind of promotion that relates to the name of your album or single. (Your single’s title is “My Man”, all ladies get free admittance with “Your Man” on your side) Of course before ending the party, be prepared for a live closing performance!
You also may want to invest in a photographer to capture every moment of the party. This way you can use the pictures for your press kit or website later! Another great idea is to have a survey table set up or have survey cards on the tables. Make sure the DJ or host of the party encourages everyone to give their feedback about what they heard. Here’s a great sample of what you can print. Email us if you like the editable document.

Need some help? Call us! (314-458-6425) Or visit us online!

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Do We Really Need to Have a Wedding Rehearsal?

A wedding rehearsal is scheduled so that everyone in your bridal party knows what the game plan is and how to implement executions! Rehearsals should last no more than 1.5 hours, if someone is running late, there’s no harm in starting without them (fill them in once they arrive). Typically, the officiant will take control of the rehearsal so that everyone knows what to expect and understand their roles. Your wedding coordinator will collaborate with the officiant to make sure all the couple’s desires are fulfilled in his plans. The coordinator will also place your bridal party where they should be, how they should line up, and queue them on their entrance and exit.

To limit distractions, don’t invite your entire family to the rehearsal. Limit your wedding eve guests to only those who will participate in the ceremony (including vendors: photographer, videographer, musicians, etc).

Make sure there is an easy flow and comfortable environment. Don’t turn into a bridezilla if things aren’t going the way you’d like. Include your fiancé with getting everyone focused and on track. If you’ve had a tight rein on your wedding planning, your wedding rehearsal is the day it’s time to completely trust your coordinator. Allow them to do what you hired them for and take control for you. Enjoy yourself, your groom and your loved ones!

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Picnic Season!!!

A Yogi Bear delight… “Pick-a-nik season!” As summer comes close to an end, why not plan one of the easiest and most relaxing events? Picnics can be planned for your family, job, church and even a group of friends. Picnics are a classic tradition where loved ones can have a great time enjoying each other outdoors. Picnics can serve as many different functions: reunions, church gatherings, competition events, games, relaxation, or a romantic date! Here are a few things that may help your picnic be an unforgettable and simple event!

• Planning a romantic picnic for two? A picnic isn’t a picnic without great food on the menu, make it even better with a bottle of wine and don’t forget the blanket! Bring your old photo album or scrapbook and take a trip down memory lane. Pack a deck of cards and fire up some friendly competition!

• Family picnic for 4? Make a few sandwiches, grab some Rice Krispy treats and a box of Capri Suns. Go to a local park where there’s a fun playground where the kids can play for hours and you and your spouse can enjoy the breeze while watching them. Play a few exciting rounds of charades or Simon Says. (Enjoy the park and don’t let Mother Nature get the best of you…don’t forget the insect repellant and/or sunblock.)

• Helping out your job for a company picnic? Allow your attendees to interact by hiring local entertainment – live music, caricature artists, a photo booth, or a petting zoo (if kids are invited).
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Back to School Bash Ideas

Summer’s almost over and it’s almost time to have a clean house again!!! This was my first summer break experience and I’m sooooo looking forward to the kids going back to school! My house is REALLY looking forward to school starting…the clutter, shoes, clothes, dishes, swimsuits…ooohhhh, please hurry!!
Best way to celebrate the kids going back to class???…A BACK TO SCHOOL BASH!! Invite your friends and family over for ice cream and cake to get them rallied up for their new school year! Have each parent bring one school supply item for each kid who you’ve invited (6 packs of pencils, 6 notebooks, etc) and when everyone arrives, divide everything up into book bags so that all the kids can go home with school supplies as gift favors!
Have the older children prepare the younger kids about what to expect. Don’t underestimate the knowledge and experience a 3rd grader can pass on to a kindergartener! Get their listening skills back to par by playing a few rounds of Simon Says! Have each child share the best part of their summer break and what they are looking forward to in the new school year!
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