I’m Engaged!!!! ..Now What?

Congratulations on the big question!!!! Holiday proposals are the best and extremely exciting!

Now that you’ve said yes, it’s time to get the wedding bells ringing! But how do you get started? Who do you call? What do you need? First things first…remember the biggest reason for all the planning is to celebrate a new beginning with the man of your dreams. If you don’t lose focus of that…you can’t go wrong! While you keep your focus, here are a few things that you want to start with first:

Create your guest list – your guest list will the first thing to tackle because it will set the tone for your budget, venue, and food. Visit our post on “How to Guest-timate” for details on getting this list narrowed down.

Create your budget – it’s extremely important to have a dollar amount set to begin with. Before surfing the internet or calling vendors, you may not know how much a wedding really costs. (and that’s okay) The average wedding cost is $26,000 but your budget may lower or higher. Figure out what is the most important vision of your wedding (centerpieces, ceremony, flowers…), find out the cost and go from there!

Set your date – come to an agreement with your fiance about when you want to exchange vows. Do you want to avoid a holiday or birthday? Do you want to get married outside? Think of all the different elements that you do and don’t want when selecting your date because this will soon be one of the most important dates of your life….forever!

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Personal Touches on Your Wedding Day

If you have a big family or a large network of friends, you probably have attended your share of weddings. There are always little things (or big things) that catch your attention to make you jot down a note in your memory bank. Those mental notes remain with you until it’s time to plan your big day. Those notes contribute to your wedding planning canvas; gathering ideas, pictures, swatches and other pieces for you to begin puzzling together. At KayDi’s, we encourage you to gather things to help you create your vision of your wedding day. And we also caution you to make sure

Don't allow your big day to be a cookie cut wedding!

you and your fiance’s personality stands out, too! If your personality doesn’t show up in your decorations, color, music, layout, venue, food, or style…your big day is in danger of being a cookie cutter wedding. Your personalities don’t have to be displayed in every aspect of your wedding BUT it definitely has to exist!

If you are a seafood lover, highlight your main dish with shrimp and lobster! (just be sure to have an alternative for those who are allergic) If you love sports, skip the floral welcome arrangement and have a tall standing cut out of you and your husband in a football or baseball uniform! Whatever you do, make sure it’s your vision and not someone else’s!

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Southern Hospitality in the Midwest

So, you’ve sent your save the dates to your out of town wedding guests. Soon, you will mail the formal invitations with the details to your entire guest list of friends and family. Your guests are honored to make your wedding their priority to attend, how will you show them your appreciation? Many couples give their guests a wedding favor, some kind of gadget to help them remember the bride and groom’s special day.

Fun treat boxes from Beyond Wedding Favors

Some couples like to send their loved ones home with a special sweet treat of candies, chocolates, or mints.

You don’t have to wait until your wedding reception to show your guests how much you appreciate them. You can thank them in many ways. If you have reserved a hotel block for your out of state guests, have a welcome basket waiting in their room after they check in. A welcome basket can serve as many functions: a tourist guide to wedding location, a wedding itinerary, and a showcase of your creativity and personality. Take a look at the fun St. Louis Welcome Basket!

Fill your baskets with city favorites! (Her Delight)

Another way to show your loved ones gratitude is ‘quality time’. If you have enough time before the big day, plan a picnic or a BBQ with your out of town visitors and close loved ones. Don’t make the invitation open to your entire guest list because there won’t be much quality time when you have to spread yourself over 200 people. Try to keep it intimate, no more than 20 people. If quality time before the wedding is not an option, the day after the wedding would be a great wind down. Get together and go paintball, play golf, or something to burn some energy and keep your visitors excited about their visit!

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Holiday Series Pt4 – Thanksgiving Tablescapes

In the event industry, the word ‘tablescape’ is very common and well used. For those who don’t know what it means, it’s exactly what it sounds like… Table Landscaping – creatively designed table arrangements/layouts. Tablescaping is not only used in lavish ballrooms and event hall rentals but can be done in your own very home! A nicely arranged dinner table can make your guests feel like they are dining in a fine restaurant in the comfort of their loved one’s home. It can set the atmosphere of a relaxed and loving dinner. Here are a few pictures of some of the most beautiful and unique tablescapes we could find:

A Country Rustic for 8 Guests
Great Way to Recycle Halloween Pumpkins

Small & Simple Setting for 6 Guests

Easy & Elegant Setting

Whichever setting you prefer, have fun and let your style & creativit shine throughout dinner!

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Holiday Series Pt3 – Thanksgiving DIY Projects for Kids

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, chances are…you will probably be catering to kids. Well let’s make sure they are entertained this year and out of your hair (and their parents’ too)!

“Tree Of Thanks” Photo Frame Magnet Craft Kit

There are many arts & crafts you can do. If you aren’t good with thinking or creating a craft, there is plenty help online. Oriental Trading is a great (and affordable) webstore to purchase different crafts for kids of all ages. Since it’s so close to Thanksgiving, you may be a little skeptical about timing of delivery. Your local Hobby Lobby should also have pre-made crafts available.


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Holiday Series Pt2 – Be Prepared To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner

Not cooking dinner this year for Thanksgiving? It’s okay if you are not the chef in the family or didn’t have the time and energy to plan dinner this year. However, it is important that you show your appreciation to the hostess wherever you will be eating Thanksgiving dinner! There are many ways to show your gratitude. Try one or more of these tokens of appreciation!

  1. Offer to help prepare dinner. Whether it’s slicing bread, cutting onions, or setting the dinner table. We are positive your loved one will appreciate the assistance.
  2. Offer a token of appreciation. Our sister branch (Her Delight Gift Baskets) has the perfect hostess gift baskets and gift sets!

Autumn Gourmet Gift Basket

3. Treat the hostess to a pedicure on Black Friday! After cooking for hours, we’re sure she’ll need the break!

4. Offer to babysit while they are preparing dinner! Nothing helps more than a temporary absence of toddlers asking is it time to eat yet every hour while you are beginning the first dish!

5. Help with the cleanup! Even if they have a dishwasher, there is still a lot of other work to be done after dinner.

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Holiday Series Pt1 – Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Is it your turn to host dinner in your home this year? Are you prepared for your guests? Well, if you are not, we’re here to help. We’ve listed the must haves to help make this years Thanksgiving a hit with your family!

A delicious menu – What are you cooking? Turducken? Dressing? Fried turkey? The menu is what will make stomachs smile and hearts full! If you are unsure of what dishes to prepare, ask your family for their input. Maybe they want one of your signature dishes! Give ‘ em what they want!

Dish Nameplates submitted to Catch My Party

A beautiful layout – Presentation means a lot to guests, if it doesn’t look well put together, you may be eating it for the next 2 weeks! Coordinate your dishes by using matching serving platters, utensils, and chafers. Add a special touch by adding dish nameplates so your guests can get their tastebuds ready simply by reading! Get creative and give the dishes a fun family name like ‘Stacey’s Slamming Stuffing’.

Let the kids serve you...

Put the kids to work – whether 7 our 17, give the kids a platter of appetizers to serve to your guests. Your family will really appreciate you providing something to nibble on while waiting or mingling. Just remember…don’t give the kids anything with sauces!

Entertain the children – Give parents the full experience to enjoy themselves in your home. Keep the kids busy with crafts, games, and activities! Every other hour roll out a new activity that they can do without adult supervision. Join us later this week on more ideas for the kids.

Beautiful Tablescape

And last but not least…DECORATIONS! – Embrace autumns fun, warm colors! Oranges, browns, and reds throughout your home is just what you need to spread the holiday spirit. Save time and decorate only the high traffic areas; living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom.

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