Everlasting Bridal Friendships

Lately, I’ve been on my WETV’s Bridezilla watch party. I’ve been noticing that a lot of the stress is caused by the bride’s sidekicks (the bridesmaids, maid of honors, and matron of honors). The friends they really can’t depend on, the sisters who only talk during holidays, and the cousins your mom begged for you to include. Not only have I noticed this on tv but off-screen, too. A few of the weddings we’ve helped, had changes in their bridal party due to lack of participation, a shaky relationship, or emergency situations.

It’s important to determine how you feel about your bridal party if any of the listed 3 should occur. If your maid of honor had to go out of town at the last minute for her father, would you be upset? Do you think it may affect your friendship? If so, don’t ask her to be your maid of honor. It’s not a genuine friendship, a true friend would be sympathetic or concerned enough to understand. If those feelings are not there, it could lead to more stress. If one of your bridesmaids was missing for fittings or is unavailable for any wedding function, would you be upset? If so, don’t ask her to be a bridesmaid. Again it will only lead to more stress…. Do your homework and select lifelong friends or close family members, select those who you have a solid relationship with, those who care about you and your handsome groom.

Offbeat Bride wrote an awesome article about this topic and we could not have worded it any better!

Photo by k8luvsmicrobes. Remixed under Creative Commons license.

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