Happy Valentine’s Day!

Such a romantic time of the year and even better time to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you! Valentine’s Day holds many traditions around the world. Whether it be exchanging Valentine’s Cards, candy, chocolates or gifts…taking your loved one out to dinner….surprising your best friend with flowers…sending a sing-a-gram live and in person…and many more!

My mother was always big on spoiling me for Valentine’s Day (I was the only child and she was a single parent), we were each other’s Valentine! In the third grade, she invited my entire class over to our house for a Valentine’s Party. I’m almost 30 and my old friends still remember how much fun we had! We had a dance contest, a rap contest, a singing contest and we partied!!! The reason that it was so special to everyone was because my mother made me invite the ENTIRE class, whether I liked them or not. We all got the opportunity to see personalities we never had the chance to see. We gave everyone a chance to be ‘likeable’ and to my mom, that was the true meaning of Valentine’s Day…showing love to everyone no matter your dislikes or disagreements. My freshman year in college, my mom sent me a bouquet of flowers, 4 states away from home to remind me that I was still her Valentine while starting my journey to adulthood.

My mother instilled an extremely unique tradition in our family that Valentine’s Day is not just about your spouse, it’s the perfect opportunity to show geninue love to all those around you..especially the ones that mean the most in your life!

What are some of your Valentine’s Day traditions?

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