DJ’s Kicking Kickball Party

So my son recently turned 5 and he wanted a party. Normally, the type of party never matters to him…as long as there is fun and gifts, it’s a winner for him! DJ loves playing kickball so we thought we’d keep it simple this year and have a Kickball Party. Originally, we invited his family and friends to the kickball field outside, but the rain put a damper on that. So we rented a half court basketball gym inside of North County Recreation Center. It turned out to be a hit!!
We played a round of kickball by splitting up into the ‘red’ and ‘blue’ team. After the blue team took the victory, we lined the kids up and played dodge-ball, whoever was hit had to go take a break (with juice and snack) and the winner was rewarded with a trophy! After dodge-ball, we ate and sang Happy Birthday to the VIP of the day. We wrapped up our day with another dodge-ball game but this time ‘parents vs kids’.

So with indoor gyms, it’s never too cold for a kickball or dodge-ball game! And with family and friends, you’re never too old to play kickball!

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